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The Message July2nd 2020

A Benefice Summer School 

From time to time a group of people meet on Zoom to do some study together. I would like to extend this opportunity to all who receive our weekly e-newsletter. Join in at 12 noon on Thursdays. The meeting ID is 845-168-9869 & the password is 9445.

We will be considering what it means to say, I Believe in God. We will do five sessions together, studying the ancient confession of faith, The Apostles Creed. Join in with as many or as few as you like. Play an active role in the discussion or just sit quietly and listen. The good thing about Zoom is that you can do either. 

Joining the Sunday Service 

 Each Sunday morning, we have a service in our parishes through Zoom at 10 am. More than 100 people regularly join in. If you would like to do so then either go to the app store on your smartphone or tablet and download the free Zoom app there simply following the instructions or on your PC or Apple Mac home computer type into your browser and again follow the instructions for free access to Zoom. 

On Sunday morning click on Join a Meeting and when prompted type 845-168-9869 as the meeting ID and then 9445 as the password. Please watch this space for the password when we will change from it to time. You will enter a virtual waiting room and will be admitted to the service. 

 Can we pray for you?

 Each weekday morning at 10 am we gather for Morning Prayer. If you would like to join us then please use the same Meeting ID and password as for the Sunday Service. If you would like us to pray for you then please send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



The Readings for the 4th Sunday after Trinity

Romans 7.15-25; Matthew 11.16-19 & 25-30 (in order to use the readings from the Divinity School of Vanderbilt University and prayers and artwork too please copy and paste this link into your browser.)

Starting with this week I will add the collect for each Sunday into The Message. You might like to say it regularly during the coming week. The collects are wonderful glimpses of God and our relationship with him.

O God, the protector of all who trust in you, without whom nothing is strong, nothing is holy: increase and multiply upon us your mercy; that with you as our ruler and guide we may so pass through things temporal that we lose not our hold on things eternal; grant this, heavenly Father, for our Lord Jesus Christ's sake, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God now and forever. Amen.

I am so glad that passages like the one from Romans 7 are in the bible. "I know that nothing good dwells within me, that is in my flesh. I can will what is right, but I cannot do it." If St Paul has a struggle to do the right thing, to be a good man, then it is not surprising that I have a struggle as well. And if the church is a gathering of the perfect then you really need another rector because I can assure you that I am far from being perfect and I wouldn't want to let you down.

I rarely end the day with a sense of satisfaction about how I have spent it. As the general confession in the Book of Common Prayer puts it, "I have left undone those things that I ought to have done and I have done those things which I ought not to have done." It has grown on me over the years that life is bigger than I am and that the best that I can do is to have a decent go at it and, even then, the idea of what a decent go is is not up to me but ultimately to God. As St Paul writes, most certainly on the basis of the same experience that led him to write these amazing words in Romans 7, "There's no point in you sitting in judgment on me. I do not even judge myself." (1 Corinthians 4.3) Ah, if only I could learn not to judge myself.

Sometimes I look sadly at people who seem to feel that they ought to have the answer to every question, that they need to present themselves as the finished article, "practically perfect in every way", as Mary Poppins says of herself. I prefer something that the Sri Lankan Christian leader, D.T Niles, once wrote. "The gospel that we share is one beggar telling another where to find food." If you are prepared to have me as your rector on that basis then I am happy to be it. We can all be homeless beggars searching for food together.

And that leads me to my final point. The one who feeds us is Jesus and the meal that we share when we have Holy Communion is the symbol of the heavenly food and drink that he gives to us, a feast beyond our imaginations, desire or any possible conception (which is what heavenly means). Will Jesus receive me at his table when I come to him. Hear the words that he says in Matthew 11.28, "Come to me, all who labour and are heavenly laden, and I will give you rest."

And that is his promise to all of us who struggle. And that is all we need to know. All we have to is to come to him.

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 The on-line Parish Magazine for July has been posted on the allaboutombersley web site.


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In addition to news from the churches, schools and parish notices, there are a number of general interest articles including:

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Leisure Time by Valerie Harris

Ombersley Church and Workhouse by Robert Thornton

Greetings and On my Morning Village Walk - two poems by Claire Gathercole

From the Archive: A Railway for Ombersley?

Ombersley School photographs from the 1951 - can you identify some of the pupils?  

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4 Square magazine : Please follow this link to download the JUNE 2020 issue of the Magazine securely from Google Drive;

The July edition will be out shortly. 


Demand at our local Foodbank in Droitwich Spa has gone up over 150% over last year, largely as a result of Covid19.  I know many of you support the Foodbank through donations (at Waitrose, Morrison’s, Specsavers, Lloyd’s and Barclays in the town all have collection points open currently).  You can also donate via  web/charity?charityId=1017612, or give of your time as a volunteer.  You can find out more at’                    Jane Usherwood (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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 And finally
 To a longstanding member of Rushock church and community as well as being Churchwarden until recently, congratulations and a Happy Birthday to Laurence McCurrich on reaching yet another milestone!

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