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It is hard to realise that this time two years ago we were all locked down, and just starting our ‘Zoom’ journeys in many cases. 

This year we have had a very nearly normal run up to Easter in spite of Covid rearing it’s head rather more than we’d like. 

The Lent lunch discussion group in the Narthex went well, and while the topic of 

‘Renewing the face of the earth’ was constant, the discussions ranged far and wide , as did the numbers ranging from 9-17. We also thought occasional one-off discussion meetings through the year might be a good idea.

  For the first time since 2019 we were also able to welcome the Year 4 children of Ombersley School for their Lent reflection. This time they followed the story of Jesus from Palm Sunday to Easter Day through different stations around the church, including going to the ‘upper room’ in the gallery of the church and outside to the Garden of Gethsemane, (Celine Figard garden), seeing Mary at the foot of the (preaching) cross, and meeting Mary Magdalen in the Old Chancel. We are always impressed by how thoughtful and compassionate the children are in their comments written at various points.

This year we had another first with the School Easter service being held in 

St Andrews, and being streamed to parents unable to come.. A very joyful event, with the most amazing collection of Easter Bonnets in the parade at the end!

The Celine Figard garden is at last beginning to wear spring colours and work has started adding plants and cutting back overgrown trees and bushes, thanks to Ben and Sally who have given their time and enthusiasm to make this happen. Please wander through if you have a moment. 


The  PCC AGM will have taken place on Thursday April 28th, we had to change the date, and the minutes will be available on the church website.